Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brave in Love!

A couple of years ago, Kelly Rae Roberts wrote a post where she talked about being "Brave in love. Brave in Sadness." I read it recently and since reading that post I have been really inspired and have been trying to make this my mantra for living.

This blog will thus be my attempt to live a life full of love, to embrace instead of run from love, to trust in love, to be brave no matter what life throws at me. This is the beautiful beginning. This is me opening my heart and saying that I am going to love and I am going to bravely do.

My life has been full of sadness lately. I lost my health. I lost my apartment. I lost my safety. I lost my mother. I lost my faith and yesterday I lost my job. But through all of this, I have been supported by wonderful amazing people who have remained constants. Showing me that no matter what journey life brings us on, if we have love, we will prevail.

This blog will show my journey to be brave in sadness and brave in love.